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Precise research into causes to alleviate symptoms.


Hardly anyone has an ideal posture. And you don't have to. However, in the case of acute complaints, the causes of poor posture can be found. Using our biomechanical analyses, we uncover your individual misalignments and can therefore recommend a solution tailored specifically to your needs. We differentiate between posture analyses and movement analyses. In the posture analysis, the posture - the body statics - is analyzed. The different load distribution on the feet, measured on the pressure measuring plate (pedography), allows conclusions to be drawn about the posture. In the movement analysis, the movement (walking and running) is recorded and evaluated using video recording. Appropriate improvements can then be derived from this data, for example in the form of shoes, insoles, bandages, etc. Our analyses are:

Comprehensive root cause analysis

The perfect basis for individual care concepts

Conducted by experts

State-of-the-art technology

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