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A healthy movement sequence for your top performance.


Everyone knows that regular exercise is good for your health. However, it puts a lot of strain on the body. If you want to exercise in a healthy way and make the most of your performance potential, you should be equipped as best as possible from the start. Orthopedic aids can prevent injuries, but can also help you get back to sport more quickly in the event of acute problems. It is worth taking a closer look in the long term, because the anatomy and sport-specific requirements differ from athlete to athlete. Fischer Fussfit has been successfully supplying athletes in professional and amateur sports for more than 35 years. That is why some well-known faces from the Bundesliga, the national football team or athletics (Olympics, European Championships, national championships) have trusted our expertise. Our sports supplies are:

Based on biomechanical analyses

Through optimal pressure distribution efficiently and prevent injuries

Supportive in acute injuries for a faster back-to-sports

Adapted to individual anatomy and sport-specific requirements

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